Hi I am Kelly

My spiritual journey began already in my childhood and became so much stronger when moving to Tenerife 20 years ago. The energy in the canaries is very special. As a child, I did not know that what I had would later become the gift I use to help others.

I can channel in on peoples’ energy and can transmit useful information from the past present or future, even messages from loved ones at times. Also using my cards too.

Throughout the years I have managed to help many people whether it be finding lost deeds on a house from years ago, health related visions, direct messages to be passed on by a lost loved one, I help to with guidance and advice in your daily issues.

My readings are visionary, tired of seeing the usual tarot on the television on the internet or the television, with the headband and crystals and candles giving their vague and generalized answers, I have decided to offer you my help. Your reading is important to me and personal, you are not just a somebody in cyberspace, just as I am real and happy to answer your questions personally with interest.

Many people think that the cards are magic… In a way they are, they give divine and universal guidance that I interpret for you. I don’t just read them … I see!!! This allows me to give you the answers you seek.

Having had readings myself in the past, I can only say I have been disappointed with the outcome, as it felt it had nothing to do with me but a repeatedly practiced script that is repeated to almost everyone.
I am the real deal, no props or costumes, its realistic, down to earth and totally honest. Refreshing!

See the testimonials below or directly book a tarot reading with me and you will discover for yourself!

Looking forward to helping you.


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