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I do most of my tarot readings by email. Sometimes people are  surprised, thinking this would deteriorate the tarot reading. However, I can assure everything works just perfect! As you can read in my testimonials I am able to tap into energy and therefore my clients don’t need to be physically present. Let me explain how the process works. It’s actually pretty simple!

Step 1. Choose your type of tarot reading

I offer 3 types of readings which all have their specific advantages. You can read more about the readings in details through the button below. If you’ve chosen please click on the  Paypal “buy now” button.




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Step 2. Payment

The “buy now” button will lead you to a secure PayPal environment in which you can choose to pay through your PayPal account or Creditcard. When you’ve finalized your payment you will be redirected to an online contact form in which you can include all your details and question(s) you’d like me to focus on during the reading.




Step 3. Personal confirmation email

I will personally respond as quickly as possible with an email in which I check if I have understood all of your information. If you’ve included questions in the form about the process or something else you’d like to know upfront, I will answer this in that email. Please make sure you include kellykarmatarot@gmail.com to your emailinbox.




Step 4. Your tarot reading in 48 hours

I do my tarot readings mainly in my own therapy centre. Here I lay out the cards and read them bearing in mind your questions. You will receive your reading within 48 hours after I’ve received your payment.

I will send you an e-mail that contains the answers to your questions based on the tarot cards.


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